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ISTAS's black list  Substances of concern for Trade Unions
Health effects Health effects
  •  Carcinogens and mutagens:

  •       According to Regulation 1272/2008
          According to IARC
          According to other sources
          According to SSI (breast cancer)

  •  Reproductive toxicants
  •  Endocrine disrupters
  •  Neurotoxicants

  •  Sensitisers
              REACH allergens

    Environmental effects Environmental effects
  •  Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxics
  •  vPvB
  •  Aquatic toxicity:

  •       Water Frame Directive
          German water pollutants
  •  Atmospheric pollutants:

  •       Ozone-depleting substances
          Greenhouse gases
          Air pollutants
  •  Soil pollutants

  •  Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

    Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  •  Occupational diseases
    Environmental regulations Environmental regulations
  •  VOCs

    Regulations on restriction / prohibition of substances Regulations on restriction / prohibition of substances
  • Banned substances
  •  Restricted substances under REACH
  •  REACH Candidate list
  •  REACH Authorisation list
  •  Banned biocides
  •  Authorised biocides
  •  Banned pesticides
  •  Authorised pesticides
  •  Substances under CoRAP evaluation
  •  Substances under PACT evaluation

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