RISCTOX: a comprehensive database on toxic and hazardous substances.

RISCTOX is a database of hazardous substances developed to provide clear, organized and concise information about health and environmental risks caused by chemicals contained in products generally used or handled by companies.

RISCTOX database provides information on over 100,000 chemical agents in files which include data on:

 Classification of the substance according to Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)
 Specific health risks
 Specific environmental risks
 Environmental and health-related regulations

Search criteria include the name of the substance or some of its identification numbers (CAS, EC; EINECS / ELINCS, Index No). Different lists of risks or regulations available can also be used as search standards.

RISCTOX also provides policy advice and links to related regulations. Access this information by clicking on the help icon ayuda on the left corner of each list of substances. These files also contain information on the sources used to develop the lists.

RISCTOX includes accessible and systematic public information on health and environmental risks.
The fact that a substance is not included in RISCTOX does not mean that this substance is harmless, but simply that we could not access information about its hazards or that such information is not available.

RISCTOX does not include information on all health and environmental risks to health generated by a given substance, but only on identified risks. We expect to provide further information as soon as possible.

RISCTOX only includes information on individual substances. For health risks related to compounds (mixtures of substances) we recommend consulting ILO’s Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety.

In this work, we will provide the specific information on health hazards and occupational diseases caused by exposure to chemical agents included in Risctox, as well as the lists of substances that can be found in our database.

For questions, feedback or suggestions about this tool you can go to risctox@1mayo.ccoo.es


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